Getting local money when in Thailand


There are many banks, ATMs  and money exchange counters all over Thailand so getting the Thai Baht is not a problem. Getting money from inside the bank is best, however if like me,  you arrive at the airport with just your bank card and no local currency, then ATMs are your best bet. 

ATMs are everywhere!

There’s a 200 Baht charge with each withdrawal so it’s best to just withdraw a large amount. (Not all of it incase you lose it). Read up on the budget for my month long trip in Thailand . If you have your own currency then just head over to a money exchange counter and they’ll sort you out.

To do before coming to Thailand

Before leaving your home country, make sure you let your bank know that you are travelling so that they do not block your card thinking it’s a fraudulent transaction. That would leave you stranded in a country where no one speaks your language. No one wants that. Also make sure your Internet banking is enabled and that OTPs get sent to you via email not sms  (except if you are roaming) so that if something happens to your card, you can still have access to your money.

Card vs Cash

In Thailand it’s best to always have cash handy as most places do not accept bank cards. If you are a budget traveller like me and you eat street food, buy from markets and 7 eleven which is in every  corner, then cash is a must. A good way to tell that a restaurant is pricy is when they accept bank cards (hint!). Should you find yourself in a place make where they accept cards, make sure you watch them as they swipe your card to avoid cloning, because most places do not ask you for a pin code. Better extra careful than sorry.

Transport money

For transport in Thailand on Tuk tuks,

Tuk tuks

taxis, local buses or motorbike taxis, try and have some lose change incase the driver doesn’t have any. 

Safety first 

Crime is quite low in Thailand but that doesn’t mean you should flash your cash around. So keep your money safe. Some hotels/hostels provide a safety box, use it! Or just keep it under your mattress and deny room service lol. 


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