The best theme park in Bangkok (Dream world vs Siam Park)


Being a theme park fanatic, the first thing I wanted to do in Bangkok was go to a theme park! Dream World and Siam Park were on my list. 

Dream World, Bangkok

The first theme park we went to is Dream World, Bangkok. 

Me at Dream World

We stayed near Khao San road. Getting to Dream World cost us 400 Baht on Grab Taxi and the entrance fee was 1000 Baht per person. This theme park has great rides, great photo ops, the staff was friendly, the souvenirs on sell were reasonably priced and the atmosphere was just great.

The snow town, upside down castle and haunted house where fun to do as well. The food on sell on stalls along the walkways was also reasonably priced. The only drawback for me was the operating hours. 10h00 – 17h00. That was not enough time to go on all the rides šŸ˜¦ . There were no queues though so we had a great time. If you love fun and adrenaline then Dream World is definitely for you.

Siam Park City, Bangkok

Our next roller coaster destination was Siam Park City, Bangkok. This theme park looks less looked after than Dream World but is still worth it. From Khao San road to Sam Park, it cost 200 Baht by Grab Taxi. The opening times where 10h00 – 18h00 (Not enough time šŸ˜¦ ). Siam Park had less rides than Dream World but it made up for it with the Water Park. The water slides were fun and the park is home to the largest wave pool in the world. The food court was decent. At the water park, you can rent lockers to store your stuff,  you can buy swim wear if you didn’t bring any, you can rent a hair dryer and towels as well for a small fee.

At Siam Park City

All in all, although both these theme parks are zeros compared to the theme parks I’ve visited in the USA and Italy, they still are in better shape than the ones I’ve visited in South Africa.  And hey, I don’t judge theme parks harshly, considering that my own country has no theme parks at all. So if you have a couple of days in Bangkok and are tired of temples and dancing all night in Khao San road then give Dream World and/or Siam Park City a chance. 


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