What to wear when visiting Temples in Thailand


Me in the temple of the Golden Buddha, Bangkok

Here’s a complete “Need to know” when visiting temples in Thailand. For starters, Thailand people are generally conservative people and temples are respected. In order not to cause offence, here are a few things to know:


Cover your shoulders and wear a skirt that covers your knees. So no shorts, no pants, no vests, no mini skirts, no tank tops, no leggings. Only decent clothing. Most temples provide you with cover up clothes (shirt and long wrap around skirts) at a small fee or free of charge. I showed up at the Grand Palace dressed like this 

Not temple appropriate but Bangkok weather appropriate

I rented a cover up skirt and put on a shirt I had in my bag.

My skirt and Love’s pants were both rented at Grand Palace


Men cannot wear shorts, vests or skinny jeans. Long pants and covered shoulders are advised. 


You will be asked to remove your shoes when entering temples in Thailand and other buildings around the country. Some temples will offer you a bag to put your shoes in and carry around, the bag can be dropped off at the exit. At most temples, you just leave your shoes outside (you’ll see the pile, just put yours there too, no one will steal them). 

Shoes outside a Thai temple

Also good to know

1. Woman should not touch Monks (Not even a handshake or hug! Keep Away)

2. Keep the noise down and be respectful

3. Don’t point your feet at Buddha statues

4. Don’t point at things in the temple

Last word

All cities and islands in Thailand have beautiful Temples and beautiful Buddha statues but the ones that took my breathe where in Bangkok. I guess by the 5th temple, they all just started looking the same really. 


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