Why an African should read this blog


I know there are many travel blogs out there and I love going through them for tips and hints before I travel. I’m creating my own blog to share my own travel experiences. I will address all the things I wish I’d known before jumping onto that plane. As much as I gain a lot from reading other people’s experiences sometimes they don’t really help me. See, many I read are written by people from America, Europe and Australia. The problem with that is:

1. They have a currency that is up to 17 times stronger than my country’s currency. So sometimes when they say something is “cheap” it turns out to be stupid expensive for me.

2. Our cultures differ and so do our interests. So sometimes my questions remain unanswered so I  would love to provide answers for that someone who finds them self in my shoes.

3. Many a time the “what to pack” lists are usually off for me. Maybe because of culture and stuff. The things on the many “to pack” lists are as foreign to me as the country I’ll be visiting.

4. See, some people have snow and minus degrees in their winters. My winter is like 15 degrees Celsius. So when some people say “oh its scorching hot” it actually is not hot at all to me, then I find I carried all those hats for nothing 🙂

5. Travelling is not a thing in our culture. Maybe it’s because of our economic disadvantage or black tax or the fact that in our reality, no one  just travels for no solid reason (it sounds insane to just up and go to a foreign country for no reason! It’s equivalent to throwing money out of a train window).

As such, this blog is meant to inspire that person who has always wanted to travel. To let them know it’s possible without breaking the bank. Too give tips on how to travel alone or with others, how to survive and have a great time on a budget and just how to shake off that fear (I did) and just do it.

So join me as I share my experiences in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Australia is next on my to do list 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why an African should read this blog

  1. Nashe

    Can across your blog this morning. Love it!! I also love travelling. I have not had an opportunity overseas, however am planning to start soon. Will be following your blog for tips and ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Nashe! Thank you for your kind comments. I was afraid to travel abroad because I always thought it was expensive but once I started I just can’t stop. Consider Asia. It’s cheaper and the people are friendly, and thanks to technology, you won’t get lost


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