Why you should ditch the suitcase and heels for running shoes and a backpack when travelling


I have this vivid memory of a woman (tourist I presumed) running for the morning train with us (my fiance and I) in Zurich, Switzerland. She was on these gorgeous high heels and had a pretty little handbag in 1 arm and was pulling a suitcase with the other hand. The train was leaving in 2 minutes and we had a flight of stairs and some distance to run. We made it like 10 seconds before the doors closed and needless say that woman didn’t make it. From that day on, I realised that no matter how good a heel is, don’t wear it if you’ll be doing lots of walking and running.

So, if you travelling, and will make use of public transport (trains, buses, boats etc) and you will do some sightseeing (visiting temples, museums, walking through markets etc) then consider a good pair of running shoes and a back pack instead of high heels and a suitcase. Running shoes will keep you comfortable and won’t hurt your feet while a back pack is easy to carry. It’s hard to pull a suitcase through alleys in Italy or up the stairs if your hotel doesn’t have an elevator. A back pack is also easier to store and doesn’t easily get damaged compared to suitcases. Also remember that if the wheels of your suitcase break, you have to either carry it or drag it on the ground, both of which are not fun. I learnt the hard way.

On board a train in Stutgart, Germany

I have a loyal pair of running shoes that have seen me through more than 10 countries and they still as strong as they were 3 years ago. And I WALK, my pedometer used to clock over 20 km a day in Thailand.

At Cape Town International Airport before departing to Phuket, Thailand


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