Tips for travelling to Thailand


Here are some preparation tips for a Thailand trip

1. Pack light
Don’t carry your while wardrobe! We all know you won’t wear all those clothes. Carry clothes that are breathable and that you can rewear. Limit yourself to just 1 bag! When travelling you’ll meet 2 kinds of tourists, those that are happy and packed light and those who wish they had. 

Too much luggage!

2. Shoes

I love my high heels but im practical when travelling. Leave your heels behind, you can party in flip flops in Thailand. Pack a good pair of running shoes and flip flops. That’s all the shoes you need really.

Best travel shoes

3. Carry a set of decent clothes to wear when you visit temples. However, should you find yourself at a temple dressed inappropriately, don’t worry, most temples will borrow you clothes. This what to wear in Thailand temples. 

Can and cannot wears in Buddist temples

4. Carry a back pack/ruck sack instead of a suitcase
Yes suitcases are cute and all but they not so cute when you walking a km from your hotel room to a train station! And should those wheels break, you are in trouble. So carry a back pack instead! It’s lighter and easier to carry.

5. Mosquito repellents and antimalarial treatment
Thailand is full of mosquitoes and boy do those things bite!  Carry a repellent or buy one when you get there at a pharmacy or a 7 eleven. Also to be safe, take antimalarial tablets.  The one I took, required me to take 1 tablet per week starting a week before departure and ending 3 weeks after returning.

6. Braids over weaves

For my black sisters, get braids instead of weaves. Here’s why, 1) It rains a lot in Thailand 2) Low budget hotels won’t provide a blow dryer 3) There’s a lot of water activities 4) It gets very hot so you’ll sweat. So braids are more breathable and will still look the same after a swim and also you won’t have to pack all those hair treatments and dryers and straighteners. Remember, packing light?

Avoid looking like this


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