Trekking in Chiang Mai


Trekking or hiking in Chiang Mai is a great way of getting the real feel of Thailand. We trekked with Cool Trek Chiang Mai . You can opt to trek for 1 day or for multiple days. We chose the 2 day, 1 night option.

How to book

We booked online and were given the option to leave our pick up point unselected as we hadn’t booked a hotel in Chiang Mai yet. We informed them of our pick up point 48 hours in advance. You can also book through your hotel or from the many tourist agents. 

Pick up 

We were picked up in a Thai style taxi from our hotel at the 9h00. We joined a group of 5 other tourists. 

Ready for trekking

Our first stop was the butterfly garden. It was beautiful and serene.

Fly away like a butterfly

From the butterfly farm, we went to the elephant santuary. We had lunch first, a nice dish of egg fried rice with chicken. After lunch, we went elephant riding. That part was fun.

Elephant riding

Don’t want to ride elephants?

For animal lovers, you can opt not to ride the elephant but feed it and bath it. 

Prepare to get wet

After an hour of fun with the elephants, we drove to the market to buy snacks and more water. 

Insects are tasty and rich in protein..yum

And then we got back into our pick up car and drove to the start up point. Our guide led us up and up and UP the mountain and whoever said the higher you go the cooler it becomes surely had never hiked in Chiang Mai!  The higher we climbed the hotter it became. 

With our very friendly guide

We arrived at the mountain top just before sunset. We stayed in bamboo huts. Mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets were provided. 

Our lodgings for the night


We had dinner of Thai style noodles with vegetables and chicken by candle light prepared by our guide. 

Dinner is served

After dinner we sat outside trading stories and star gazing. We then retired to bed. We woke up to sound of cocks crowing and the smell of eggs. Breakfast was fried eggs and bread with tea. After breakfast we were off.

We went past a waterfall then went down and down and Down till we reached a river. We did white water rafting and bamboo rafting.

White water rafting

We then had lunch and drove back to the city. The drive back seemed very long mostly because most of us were falling sick.

Unfortunately my whole group, 6 of us (except my fiance) suffered from food poisoning on our second day 😦   That part really wasn’t fun but lucky enough I was back on my feet the next morning and ready to conquer the world.

But all in all, trekking in Chiang Mai is a must do 

What to pack

Trust me, you do not want to carry a heavy back pack up those mountains! Here’s what to pack. 

1. Mosquito repellent and sunscreen

2. A cap/hat and shades

3. Breathable long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. 

4. Swim suit, flip flops and towel

5. Toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste

6. Snacks and water, lots and lots of water

7. Some money, camera, phone

8. WEAR loose comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes


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