​Thailand visa for Zimbabweans


Zimbabweans need a visa to go to Thailand.

The Thai embassy in South Africa is in Arcadia  Pretoria.

How to get your passport and supporting documents to the embassy

1. If you are in Gauteng, you can personally go to Pretoria and submit your application.
2. If you are not in Gauteng, you can courier your documents either directly to the Thai embassy (more expensive) or you can send them to someone in Johannesburg or Pretoria and ask them to hand deliver them (cheaper).  If you courier them to someone with Postnet you pay R99 (postnet to postnet) and it takes 2 – 3 working days. If you courier your documents  directly to the embassy you’ll pay ~R800. DHL had slightly higher charges by the time I checked.

Application submission and fees

In November, 2016, the single entry tourist visa cost R500. When you submit the application, you will be informed when it will be ready for collection, usually 2 -4 days. You can call or email them to inquire about your visa, they are very friendly and helpful.

To note:
1. Make sure you apply at least a month before departure to avoid any delay and also so you can resubmit if your initial visa application is denied.
2. Make sure you include all the documents listed in their checklist for your application to go smoothly.
3. Pay the visa application fee in the same month your visa will be processed.

4. The Thai embassy is closed on Thai holidays, South African holidays and weekends.

To be honest, the Thai visa is the cheapest and easiest visa I have ever applied for. They do not require many documents and I got it in 2 days!

From there, it’s Sawasdee Thailand

At the Grand Palace

James Bond Island


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