The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy


The leaning tower of Pisa is one piece of architectural structure you have to see! It’s just too beautiful, a wonder!


From Florence to Pisa

We were in Florence for a week so we just took 1 day out and made a day trip to Pisa. We took a train from Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence and got off at Pisa Centrale. The journey is 80 km long, is about 1 hour long and a return trip costs about  €20pp (R277). It’s a 20 minute walk from Pisa Centrale to the Tower.

The field/square of miracles

The leaning tower of Pisa is 1 of 4 buildings (All beautiful in their unique ways!) which make up the Campo dei Miracoli (Field of miracles). There is the famous Tower of Pisa, the Baptistery, the cemetery and the cathedral. Interestingly, these structures represent the three stages of a human life. The Baptistery represents Birth, The cathedral represents Life and the cemetery represents Death (The Tower of Pisa is considered part of the Cathedral as it’s just a bell tower).

The Baptistery

The Baptistery in Pisa is dedicated to John the Baptist (So fitting!). Its made of white marble (Beautiful). The art and detail inside is breath taking.


The cemetery

The cemetery is a monumental graveyard. It was reserved for the burial of noble Pisans (People from Pisa). Interestingly, the graveyard is said to have been built on soil that was brought from Golgotha (Where Jesus was crucified)  during the crusades. So it is holy ground fam.


The cathedral

Another beautiful structure. You need to dress modestly and behave respectfully when entering  the cathedral. It’s a church! Inside you will be amazed by the candles. They don’t quite reach the ceiling, making them appear endless, as if reaching for the heavens while the enormous gold mosaic of Christ looks down from behind the altar. It’s like heaven!

The opera and Sinopie Museum

This is part of the cathedral and shows houses ancient Egyptian and Roman works of art.

The leaning tower of Pisa

Probably the main reason you will go to Pisa. The leaning tower is amazing to look at it, it stands at close to 60 m in height and it looks like it’s going to fall (or maybe it was clouds moving creating the mirage?). You will see tourists posing creatively for pictures (Some very hilarious). Make sure you climb up the ±300 steps, the views at the top are too beautiful to miss.

Tickets to climb up the tower

You can buy the tickets either in the ticket office on site or online, we bought ours on site for €18 (R250) each. The tickets for going up the tower have set times and are limited (If you miss your time slot, you better be able to speak Italian!). So if you are going in peak season rather buy your tickets online.

Tickets to access the Baptistery and cemetery

These cost €7 (R97) each.

Tickets to access the cathedral

Access to the cathedral is Free if you are in possession of either the Tower or the Baptistery tickets. You can spend as much time as you wish this way. If you do not have either of these tickets, you can get a free pass from the ticket office and they will give you a time limit in the cathedral (But it’s free, so you can’t complain).


The cathedral

NB: Access to the  attractions is free for disabled people and their helper

What else to do around the Tower

There’s a market with many colourful stands selling all sorts of souvenirs in the way from the square of miracles to the train station. You’ll see people selling fake watches , but unlike Thailand, buying counterfeit goods is illegal in Italy.  You’ll also come across many shops and restaurants. It’s just a happy atmosphere.


Street market

You can have your picture drawn as well. We discovered a talented guy drawing away by a corner and since my fiance-dearest is into art we had to get drawn.


The talented artist

And you might see guys dressed as monks. I can’t describe it, (see the picture below). I saw them in Rome too! It’s either the guy sitting on the ground has a very strong arm or the guy help up by a stick is feather light or it’s just magic. I don’t know but I liked it so I dropped a tip in their collection cup.


The mystery of the monks


1. Wear comfortable shoes if you will be climbing up the tower, the floor is uneven and slippery.


Comfortable shoes are a MUST when travelling

2. If you are unfit or you can not climb for whatever reason or you are claustrophobic, save your money.

3. If you don’t have money for the tickets,  you can enjoy the views from outside, they are beautiful. And you can get a free pass into the cathedral and use the time in there to pray for money.

4. You need to dress decently when entering the cathedral. What works for me, is carrying a scarf with me which I just wrap around when its temple-time or church-time.


My scarf worked perfectly as a wrap over

5. Opening times vary from month to month, so make sure you check before hand

6. Take crazy pictures and make memories. Have fun, you are in Italy! Eat pizza after that and Gelato after that then pizza again.


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