The Upside Down House, Phuket, Thailand


Oh what a feeling, walking on the ceiling!

Tuk tuk

Phuket is loads of fun (Although in all of Thailand, I found it the least enjoyable), but after about the 4th day or so you kinda start getting bored. Then you know it’s time to leave the beaches and head into town for some fun and adventure.

We spent the first half of our Phuket stay in Patong and it was hella loads of fun. We hardly ever slept. We spent nights at the beach parties, danced next to half clad lady boys in Bangla Road, was “harassed” by hundreds of people enticing us to come watch ping pong and sex shows, went beach hoping and even spent an afternoon lazying around on the crowded Patong Beach. Not to mention the night trips from the night market!

voe n love upside down

Then we visited this little treasure – Baan Telanka – The upside down house! It was raining for part of the day so we thought of doing something more indoorsy and this turned out to be just PERFECT!


Baan Teelanka

Yes it’s just a house, some said, but hey, it’s upside down and it’s not everyday that I get to walk upside down! We met some grumpy people complaining about time and money wasted and we just rolled our eyes.

Getting there from town

To get there, we took the airport bus from Phuket Town and dropped off at Baan Teelanka.

Love kitchen

The quirky attractions

The maze, the chamber of secrets and the house plus the Tree House

The maze

First we went through the maze.  The hedge was quite thin, I could see through it, but we still managed to get lost and laugh at ourselves, so I guess it served it’s purpose. Unfortunately, there’s no minotaur chasing you around 😦 . In about 10 minutes you’ll be done with the maze.

The tree house

Climb up the wooden steps to the tree house. There is traditional Thai things inside that you could have fun taking pictures with. From up there, you can see the maze below and the surroundings.

Tree house

Steps leading to the tree house


Thailand 2016-2017 - 1766 of 2227.jpg

Tired after a long day’s work, LOL

The Chamber of Secrets

My first thought was “YES! Asian Harry Potter!” But NO, the boy who lived wasn’t in there. It actually had nothing to do with Harry Potter, to my brief disappointment.

It was an Escape Room. So basically, you are locked up in a room and to move from one room to the next, and ultimately to the outside, you need find the clues hidden within the room and solve puzzles. 

You do the same in the next room, chasing time, until the grand finale when you escape to the outside. You kind of need to apply your logic. It’s FUN, trust me.

Chamber of secrets 

Ok so the instructions for the Escape Room were in an English we were not quite familiar with. I don’t want to say broken English, which is what I speak sometimes, but maybe I should say remixed English. I suspect that they used Google translate. Anyways, being the brainer that Lovemore is, he untangled that English in no time and once we understood the clues, solving the mysteries wasn’t so hard. By the time we made it into the second room, we were super excited and feeling the game.

The last room was my personal favourite. We got in and when we solved the first mystery, the walls of the room transformed to a milky way. We stood there surrounded by planets and the moons of Jupiter. The roof became a bedazzling starry night with a quarter moon. It was the perfect finale. I dont remember what we had to solve but when we did, we cracked the code to open the lock of the door leading to the outside. 

I was quite sad when it ended and if we had more time, we’d have done another one. Unfortunately, no pictures can be taken inside the escape rooms.


Voe chamber of secrets

Entrance to the Chamber of Secrets

If you are claustrophobic you might want to avoid the escape room as we had to crawl through cupboards at some point.

The Upside down house

Ok so this is a three storey house that is upside down, like roof down, floor up. It’s so confusing, it’s hilarious. I didn’t want to leave. The staff was so entertaining and friendly. It felt so unreal and so unnatural like we were defying gravity, we totally loved it! And it’s the only place I would attempt a backflip indoors (DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!)


There’s bathrooms

The bathrooms have hilarious signs inside. Like when you look in the mirror in the ladies bathroom you see the words “Yes you are beautiful!”. In the male bathroom, the words were “Lies are truth half told!”.

Toilet upside down

There’s a balcony

Upside down cleaning voe

When you so good at cleaning, you can even do it upside down!

And there’s many other rooms for you to crawl on the ceiling

vonn ceiling

Crawling on the ceiling!

So should you find yourself in Phuket sometime, give this place a chance. I’m sure you would enjoy it as much as we did. Your spirits will definitely be lifted!


There’s a small coffee shop outside selling drinks, snacks, sweets and of course souvenirs. Free wifi is also available.


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